Scholarship Award Sheet/Audit Form Instructions

Information on the Scholarship Award/Audit form needs to be specific and accurate pertaining to the individual. The information supplied needs to be in compliance with the requirements given by the donor regarding the criteria of the award. If there is any change in requirements for the award, it must be submitted in writing and approved by the donor.

GPA — The grade point average needs to meet the criteria of the award and/or exceed the requirement. If the grade point average is less than the average stated for the award, then the award is subject to rejection. Example: If the required GPA for an award is 3.0, then the GPA for the student needs to be a 3.0 or higher in order to be approved for the award. Students beginning FAU should have the GPA evaluated from their previus transcript, and so noted on the award/audit form. Unless the donor has approved a waiver of the GPA requirements, no waiver should be allowed.
Hours Enrolled — The hours enrolled needs to be at least the required amount for the award. If the student is enrolled and considered to be part-time and the award requires full-time status, then the award may not be approved for the student.

Unmet Need (FAFSA) / Financial Need — This is a yes/no question asking if the student has applied through financial aid or is in financial need status required for some awards. If there is unmet need, has officially applied for Financial Aid and been approved, the answer would be “Yes”. If the student is in financial need, as determined by the scholarship committee and met the criteria for the award, the answer in the financial need column is “Yes”.
Year in School — The year needs to specify status and meet the requirements for the award. If the student is a freshman or a graduate student, any other requirements for the award must be stated on transcripts from previous school enrollment. The copy of the transcripts should be submitted with the award/audit sheet for backup regarding these individuals.

College/Major — The college/major needs to be specified for the individual and meet the requirements for the award.

Amount of Award — The amount of the award needs to be specified for the current semester only. The amount should also meet the requirements specified by the donor regarding the amount a student may receive per semester.

Other Specify — This column may represent any and all other scholarship criteria. You should attach any pertinent information supplied by the student in order to meet the necessary criteria for the award. Example: If there was an essay written by the student which was required for the award, then a copy of the essay should be submitted with the award/audit sheet.

All information submitted to the FAU Foundation will remain confidential and will be released only to authorized personnel as necessary. Please take the responsibility of using a confidential method of transport in submitting the information to the FAU Foundation.