Leaving a Legacy

Thank you for considering a gift to Florida Atlantic to establish an endowed fund. The Foundation is honored to work with you to help you make a lasting impact on the area you value most.

Timeless Impact

Endowed funds provide a lasting source of support for Florida Atlantic to ensure continued growth and long-term stability.

Simply, endowments are created when donated funds are invested in perpetuity by the university. The principal of the fund is never spent, and the return on the investment is used to fund scholarships, professorships, academic chairs, research, fellowships, lectures, programs or other areas that matter to you.

A minimum of $25,000 is required to establish an endowment. Donors may give either outright or arrange a deferred gift. A team of investment professionals carefully manages the funds to preserve and enhance the assets.

Endowments can be established in the donor’s name or in honor of someone important to the donor.

If you have questions or would like to set up an endowment, contact Darlene Hazamy at 561.297.2137 or dhazamy@fau.edu.