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Public fundraising made it possible for Florida Atlantic University to open its doors, and continues to shape a path of educational excellence. Florida Atlantic’s newest comprehensive fundraising campaign provides an important moment to push progress even further by addressing some of the region’s most pressing needs: providing scholarships to foster opportunity and student success, advancing FAU Health to train needed medical professionals, and finding innovative solutions to protect the environment, our most precious resource. 

We need your help. Please consider donating to one or more of Florida Atlantic’s campaign priorities that personally resonate with you – scholarships and student success, FAU Health, and/or the environment.

Scholarships and Student Success

An investment in FAU’s scholarships is an investment in our future. FAU was founded on the promise of opportunity, ensuring higher education remains accessible for those who seek it, regardless of socioeconomic status.

FAU Health

Investing in FAU Health today prepares Florida for the health care needs of tomorrow. Our need for health care keeps growing, yet the workforce supply continues to shrink. FAU Health will train the next generations of medical professionals to ensure a better quality of life for everyone in our region and beyond.


An investment in FAU’s sustainability efforts is a gift to the planet: ensuring we can rise to today’s environmental challenges and safeguard our world’s most precious resources. Join us as we work toward a better world and make discoveries that will transform our tomorrow. From our strategic location on the Atlantic coast, we are ground zero for top global issues facing the natural environment.

Thank you for your commitment and support of FAU. Make a gift today so that, together, we can “Transcend Tomorrow.”