Gift Agreement Workflow Questionnaire

Welcome! Your responses to this instructional questionnaire will trigger the appropriate gift document for your donor's gift to FAU. 


Instructions for Pledge Forms when a Gift Agreement is not needed. 

If this gift is to support an already established fund, or to create a current use fund, and does not include the naming of a University element or newly named endowment, you may be able to use the one page Gift Pledge Form or the one page Planned Gift commitment Form. Please contact Kristina Gregg ( to determine if these short forms would be appropriate for your gift if you think your donor's gift fits into one of these categories.  The appropriate form will be sent to you. Please fill in the form and send your draft to Kristina Gregg ( We will finalize your draft, forward the draft to the CEO of the FAU Foundation for signature, and send the form back to you to obtain the donor's signature.

Instructions to create a Gift Agreement. 

If the donor's intent with this gift is to create a newly named endowment fund or to name a university element please complete the questionnaire below. 

*Indicates field is required.

Donor Information

If the donor prospect does not have a constituent ID in Raisers Edge, please submit a ticket to have a record created and insert the ID# here.

Gift Information

Please note that the final draft of the Gift Agreement must be approved by the area administrator (Dean, AVP) noted on the agreement prior to the final execution document being created. A signature on the draft or an email from the administrator to Kristina Gregg ( and copied to Tammy Held ( is required.

Is this a First Gen Scholarship Gift?
Is the Gift Anonymous?
Central Acknowledgement Letters
Unit Acknowledgement Letters
Endowment Reports to be mailed by Central
Central Recognition Website listing
Code as No Solicit
Code as No Mail
Code as No Contact ever
Does the Gift Include Research?
Has Division of Research been contacted (Miriam Campo)?
If yes, please call or email with information about the nature of the gift to determine what documentation and steps are needed to accept the gift. There may be additional steps involved in accepting the gift.
Has the Dean or Director, as applicable, approved receipt of gift?
Has Donor included funds to maintain the Gift-in-Kind?
If artwork, have you been in contact with the University Art Committee?
If scientific equipment, has College involved agreed in writing to accept?

Fund Information


Payment Information




Gift Purpose

Has the FAU fund recipient [Dean or AVP of Unit] approved all terms?
Is this for an Element Naming
Any other special conditions?

Please contact Kristina Gregg ( with any questions.