FAU Phonathon: Frequently Asked Questions

The callers are all degree-seeking FAU students. All calls are specifically made to alumni, parents and friends. Through calling, students build relationships with this special group of individuals as well as raise much-needed funds that directly benefit the university.

Florida Atlantic University is state-assisted rather than state-supported. State support is critically important, but it continues to decline, making private contributions from alumni and friends increasingly important if FAU is to fulfill its mission of excellence in education, research, and service.

The Office of Annual Giving exists to support FAU with contributions from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, faculty and staff, giving the University flexibility to respond to immediate needs and challenges. It also helps keep an education within the financial reach for a wide array of students. For any questions concerning Annual Giving, please send us an email at annualgiving@fau.edu or call us at 561-297-0965.

We ask for gifts on credit card because it helps maximize your donation. By placing a gift on a debit or credit card, you help us cut down on the administrative and processing costs of sending a pledge card. Security is our number one concern. All callers have been trained to use a secure database that processes your credit card and are closely monitored by an FAU employee at all times. If you are concerned about giving your credit card to a caller, there are a few things you can do to be safe:

  1. Ask the caller for the phone number of the Director of Annual Giving (561-297-0965). The director will confirm through our computer records if you were in fact called by FAU Phonathon.
  2. Ask the caller for FAU specific information such as dates for Homecoming, sporting events or landmarks around campus.
  3. Visit the Phonathon webpage at fauf.fau.edu/phonathon to see a picture of exactly who you are speaking to.
  4. Make your donation directly online at fauf.fau.edu/phone while speaking to one of our callers.

FAU Phonathon is the single most effective way to reach the largest number of people in the shortest period of time. It is one area within Annual Giving that provides the University with an opportunity to communicate personally with alumni, parents and friends once a year. Callers strive to provide a connection to current students, to promote events on campus as well as around the nation, to thank donors and to increase annual support.

Since FAU Phonathon is a part of FAU Foundation our calendar year is from July 1 to June 30. If you’ve donated recently your donation was applied during our most recent fiscal year and we are currently calling for a new fiscal year.

FAU starts planning its budget in advance. By agreeing to a specified minimum amount now, it helps determine how much money will be received so that allocation of funds can begin immediately to make the most impact. You may always change the amount you wish to give at a later date. Specifying an amount also encourages our students because it confirms that you are serious about supporting the school and allows them to see progress in achieving our fundraising goals.

FAU Phonathon is a part of the The Foundation here at Florida Atlantic University that is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and every dollar we raise goes directly back to students. All charitable and nonprofit organizations are exempt from the national “Do Not Call” registry. We hope that because of the reduction in calls for services and products you will be more open to calls from FAU that not only benefit students but also keep you connected with University events around campus as well as the nation.

Most of those we call are at home in the evenings and on Sundays, so we restrict our calls to these times. This also allows our student callers to balance their jobs around their class schedules as well.

We work through a computer system that automatically schedules a callback if there is no answer or the call goes to a messaging system. We apologize if this is disturbing. However, once someone answers the phone and we have determined if you will or will not be giving this year, you will be removed from the calling system for the remainder of the year.