Foundation Board

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated group of alumni and friends of the University who volunteer their time and expertise to spearhead fundraising efforts and manage the Foundation’s assets. View Meeting Schedule

Board Members

Limited Purpose Board Members

Ex-officio Members

  • Kevin Wagner (FAU Faculty Senate President)
  • Dr. Michael Dennis (FAU Board of Trustees)
  • Kyle MacDonald (FAU Student Government President)
  • Terry Fedele (Caring Hearts Auxilliary Representative)
  • Kathryn Rendo (Lifelong Learning Jupiter)
  • Seth Emmer (Lifelong Learning Boca)
  • Pablo Paez (FAU Alumni Association)
  • John Kelly (FAU President)
  • Danita Nias (CEO FAU Foundation)

Director Emeritus

  • Kathleen Assaf
  • Ronald Assaf
  • Jacquline Becker *
  • Ira Gelb
  • Marjorie Pearlson
  • Lois Pope
  • Phil Smith ’69 *
  • Brian Utley
  • Elizabeth Zinman *

* deceased